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Datum: 30.07.2022

Vložil: AlexfostBlunc

Titulek: Mutually beneficial cooperation

Good afternoon dear Admin!
Sorry to trouble you but I have mutually beneficial suggestion.
I’m Alex, a webmaster from the Eastern Europe. Together with my colleagues, I’m capable to advertise and sell your goods or services via Internet throughout Eastern Europe countries and you are kindly asked to pay me for that. It’s the honest deal!
Your goods or services must be legal, necessary for people especially in Russian speaking countries. Unique goods or services are welcomed most of all.
Meanwhile, our clients can do some type of work for you which is much cheaper as compared with your country. The main fields we are experts are as follows: building, selling, music, programming, engineering, technique, sport, marketing and s.o.
Please let me know if you are interested in! Here is my Telegram – @Alexfosterberg.
If not, please miss this message out. Sorry again to disturb you.
Best Regards,

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